Yellow is an infallible medicinal ingredient in nature. Due to the quality of raw turmeric, there are many incurable diseases.

Turmeric works very well for colds and coughs. To reduce cough, eat a few teaspoons of turmeric juice, or chew a piece of turmeric with honey. Or mix turmeric powder, a little butter and black pepper powder in a glass of hot milk. Cough and sore throat will go away after playing a few times.

Regular consumption of turmeric in food controls cholesterol levels. Cholesterol can cause many diseases. So use turmeric on all foods while cooking.

Eczema, allergies, rashes, itching, etc. can be relieved by mixing raw milk with raw turmeric.

Lood flatulence, prevents gas problems and increases digestion. Playing turmeric on an empty stomach will reduce all these problems at once.

Yellow prevents prostate cancer. It even destroys cancer cells. Many studies have shown that the ingredients in turmeric work against tumors. So keep turmeric on your regular food list. Playing turmeric increases the body’s resistance to disease. At this time try to chew raw turmeric mixed with honey at least three days a week.


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