The number of mobile phone users is increasing worldwide. At the recent 19th China Internet Conference, Huawei said that more than 600 million devices are being used worldwide. This is 32 percent more than last year. The number of developers of the company has reached 16 lakhs. Which is 6 percent more than before. And more than 61,000 innovative applications have been connected to Huawei Mobile Service Core or HMS.

Huawei has been working for more than thirty years to bring better digital connectivity to people around the world. Huawei believes that in this world driven by increasingly digital technology, no one can be left out of the service.

So the company is constantly encouraging the developers to provide better service to the customers. As part of this, a িয়ন 1 billion incentive was announced for developers under the Shining program. So far, more than ten thousand innovative apps have been worked on under this program.

Huawei Developer Conference 2019 was held with the participation of more than five thousand developers

Zhang Pingyan, president of Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) Cloud Services, said, “Huawei has official app distribution platform AppGallery in more than 160 countries and territories. Through AppGallery we are spreading local digital innovations around the world. We want every app created by our partners to reach 800 million device users. ”

Note that HMS apps such as Huawei Video, Huawei Music and Reader are now reaching people in different countries with more advanced services.

Huawei is also coming up with some more innovative services like Quick App that are making people’s digital life richer and easier. Installation-free Quick App is giving users a tap-to-use experience using less memory. Ability powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) like Quick App is delivering high-quality services like Customer Ability, Card Ability and App Ability to customers worldwide.

At the same time, the “Chipset-Device-Cloud” service has been launched to help partners and developers around the world innovate through HMS Core. Through this, the developers are getting services like Huawei’s machine learning kit, HiAI, AR engine etc.

HMS Core 5.0 is now available worldwide. It will also be exposed to Huawei’s software and hardware to enhance the ‘user-experience’ in the future. Most importantly, Huawei is providing one-stop and full-fledged app development assistance in 6 regions of the world through AppGallery to manage the work efficiently.

Huawei Mobile Services Centers are currently open in six regions of the world. DGX is expanding local services worldwide through Labs, Huawei Developers, Developer Day and many more. Moreover, Huawei has always encouraged developers around the world to innovate through technology and app development.


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